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At the beginning of each fire season, as jumpers come drifting in from their winter lives as surfers, fisherman, international travelers, slum lords, hog splitters (seriously, one of my buddies works at a meat packing plant, sawing pigs in half), and mostly ski bums, they have to be “refreshed”.  Refresher training consists of  two weeks of remembering how to do our job.  One week is dedicated to reviewing parachuting, and the other to reviewing firefighting.  With refresher training comes a mix of emotions.  Scanning the crowd on that first morning meeting of the week and you will see faces that express sadness that winter vacation is over, joy that friends are united again, excitement that a new fire season is about to begin,  and frustration knowing the next two weeks will be filled with critique and scrutiny of your parachuting performance.  Overall it’s just about knocking the dust off and getting your head back into the game.

Here are some photos from our parachuting refresher:

Red, White, and Blue chutes and Orange chute are DC-7’s made by Airborne Systems: http://www.airborne-sys.com/

Blue and Yellow chutes are CR-360’s made by Performance Design: http://www.performancedesigns.com/

Two DC-7 parachutes

The Legend coming in

CR-360 parachutes





























Good landing

Ladies, his name is Evan Adsit

The Twin Otter kicking cargo

Cargo coming down on a "bucket" chute

Traditional cargo chute


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